Who, ME? . . . Yes, YOU!

“Listening for the Voice of God”

An Invitation to Study from Women in the Word

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Excuses, excuses, excuses!  Would you agree that most of us became very skilled in the “art of excuse-making” as teenagers?  Whether it was school work, cleaning up the bedroom or coming in past the curfew, it became quite easy to justify our actions or choices with what seemed to be a very reasonable excuse. Would you agree that maturity involves giving up the invented reasons we create to defend our behavior or postpone taking action? Moving toward taking honest and personal responsibility for our choices and actions is the goal of a healthy adult.

As you look at the lives of the heroes of the Old Testament, they often initially had an “excuse” for not responding to the very clear directives which came from God.  However, as they listened to His voice and began to put their trust in His sovereignty and His plan, they always found that He would keep His promises to them and would bless them in wonderful ways.  Perhaps that is why both Jesus and the writers of the epistles often used them as great examples for us to follow as we seek to love the Lord Jesus Christ.

You are invited to join with us as we examine some of these biographies in this 10 week series called, “Who? ME? . . . Yes! YOU!”  As you look at the lives of some of God’s chosen men and women, you will discover that God delights in giving ordinary people, just like you and me, the privilege of  accomplishing some extraordinary jobs for His glory.  This happens when we intentionally listen to His voice and respond to Him in faith and in surrender to His desires to use us and to bless us.