How Wise Are You?

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If you were asked to describe a “wise person”, what would you say?  What is wisdom and from where does it come?  It is greater than knowledge or intelligence, isn’t it?  It is certainly more profound than advanced age or diversity of life experiences can guarantee.  One cannot buy it or inherit it.  So how can someone become a wise person?

There is one book in the Bible that concentrates on helping the reader answer that question. In fact, the first 9 chapters of the Book of Proverbs focus totally on the subject of WISDOM – both what it is and what it is not.  Then the following chapters present concise brief capsules of truth that give clear insight and instruction on how to live wisely and successfully.  In fact, Chuck Swindoll summarizes this book as “Reliable Counsel for Right Living”.  There’s truth about friendship, money matters, speech, emotions, age, laziness, humility, life and death, and much more.  Billy Graham has had the habit for many years of reading one chapter in Proverbs each day of every month in order to be reminded continually of God’s guidelines for making wise choices.

This study will provide for you the opportunity to think about 10 of the many and varied themes that are found in Proverbs.  It will be a great opportunity for you to consider carefully what King Solomon, who was given “a wise and understanding heart” like no other man that has ever lived, wrote down. (I Kings 3: 4 – 15)  These proverbs are a sure way to help you make decisions that are Godly and good and wise, just as they have for God’s people throughout the centuries and in every culture.

I pray that as you embark on this study you will come to understand both with your mind and your heart that it is “the Lord Who gives wisdom and from His mouth come knowledge and understanding” –  Proverbs 2: 6