When You Pray

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Have you ever thought of prayer as both a window and a mirror?  As Max Lucado said, “Prayer is the window that God has placed in the walls of our world.  Leave it shut and the world is a cold, dark house, but throw back the curtains and see His light.  Open the window and hear His voice. Open the window of prayer and invoke the presence of God in your world.”  Would you agree it is also in times of prayer that His Spirit gives us a mirror which enables us to see ourselves more clearly?

As we look at the prayers of 10 very different men and women in the Old Testament, you may be surprised at how each of them not only opens up their minds and hearts to God, but also listens to God’s response to them.  While their personalities, circumstances and needs are unique, each of them knows there is a God to whom they can take their praise and their requests, their worship and their questions and that He has promised to listen and to care for them.

Are you interested in being challenged and motivated to pray, to come to the Lord and to hear from Him, both spontaneously and intentionally?  This could be the Bible study you will want to do.  Print out the lessons or use them online.  Get out your Bible, your pen, and “your thinking cap” and then schedule an hour (or more) a week for an appointment with The One who takes delight in your coming to meet with Him.

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