God’s Promises – Then and Now

A study from the Book of Isaiah

An Invitation to Study from Women in the Word

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How often do you use the words “always” and “never”? They are words that make a big impact when you hear them and often we use them for emphasis and clarity. But rarely can we be sure that they represent the truth. We promise ourselves that we will “never do that again” and we are very sincere. Parents explain to their children that they should “always be on their best behavior” even though they know that that is an impossibility. Some politicians tell the voters that they will “always have the voters best interest in mind” while their hand is reaching into someone else’s pocket. The illustrations are endless and so are the broken promises.

It is for God alone to use those two words with integrity and complete sincerity, isn’t it? The Bible is filled with His promises from cover to cover and every one of them is as true today as it was when the Scriptures were written. Some- times it is hard for us to grasp that idea, to believe that what God says He means, and that we can count on Him to fulfill every one of the commitments that He has made to us – always.

The Book of Isaiah is known as a prophetic book, but interspersed between all of the prophecies of judgment and doom, there are wonderful promises which were given not only to encourage the nation of Israel, but to strengthen faithful believers throughout the centuries. It is quite amazing to think that Isaiah could warn the people of the fall of the nation of Judah decades before it really happened, but even more startling is that he told them of God’s promise to send them a Savior, Jesus, 700 years before He came. Still today we wait for the promise of His second coming, when He will come to reign over a new heaven and a new earth and all nations will stand before His throne with songs of praise and adoration.

May your joy and strength increase as you discover the promises that God has made to you for the present and for eternity through this study of the Word of God.