Responding with Praise – III

A study of some of The Psalms in Section III

An Invitation to Study from Women in the Word
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Sometimes it is very difficult to find just the right words to express what you are feeling and thinking. It happens when you are filled with joy and excitement. it can occur when you are taken by surprise or something unexpected comes your way. It is certain to be true when you are sad, disappointed, or filled with grief. Language can feel very inadequate when you want to convey your emotions clearly and when you want the listener or reader to not only hear you but to understand you.

There is one book in the Bible that is a wonderful tool to help us when we want to express ourselves to our God. Finding the right words to express our fears or our trust, our doubts or our praise, our anger or our peace, our questions and our beliefs, can be a challenge. But with the Psalms, we can discover ways to adequately respond to Him. For centuries these Psalms have been the basis of worship and praise for the people of God and the best model for learning how to come to God with openness and honesty.

The six Psalms which will be the focus of this study will be found in section three of the Book of Praises – Psalms 73 – 89. Perhaps you will want to memorize the theme verse of each of these psalms so that they will be deeply imprinted on your mind and your heart.

May you be enabled to respond with honesty and clarity to our compassionate and gracious God because you have chosen to spend time in His Word.

Sincerely, Marilyn Miller

© 2005 by Marilyn Miller