Written By Marilyn Miller

If I were ever to lead a women’s Bible study, there were a few things that I had already decided.   The first was that we would study the Bible.  Books are good and I love to read, but that’s for a book club.  The increasingly popular video teaching series are outstanding, but I wanted to use the gifts of writing and creating that God had given to me.  Finally, it seemed that my passion was to help each woman study the WORD for herself and to feel like the Holy Spirit was really teaching her what HE wanted her to know from any passage that she studied.

And then it happened.  It was the summer of 2000 and there was a simple advertisement in our  church bulletin asking if someone would volunteer to become the leader of the women’s Bible study for the following school year.  I felt in my heart that this was the opportunity and challenge that was directly meant for me.  This was confirmed by my family and other friends.

What to do?  What to study?  Use one of the many pamphlets that are available?  Search the internet for some ideas?   Then God gently reminded me of those convictions that He had been implanting in my heart and mind and assured me that He would provide the ideas if I would commit to the challenge.  Over these last 17 years I have loved writing these study guides for the women who continue to come so faithfully to our morning study, fellowship, and prayer time.  They take it seriously and come as often as they can with their lesson prepared.  They have been a huge encouragement to me and to each other.  Each fall there are those who can come back and there are new women who join us.  We share the things we have learned.  We pray for each other as we  seek to respond in loving obedience to the ONE who loves us completely.  And for a few minutes    I introduce the lesson for the next week so that they are curious and motivated to keep up their personal pursuit of knowing God through His Word.

Now I have the opportunity to share these written Bible study guides with you and with your friends.  If you decide to use these materials, I would be pleased to hear from you and to know whether or not they have been an effective resource for you.  I would also be happy to receive any helpful ideas which you may want to share with me.

If you don’t know where to begin, you might enjoy starting with the series called “I Love You, O Lord”.  If you want to explore the basics of the Christian faith, try “The Essentials of Your Journey of Faith.”  If you can’t decide, go to one of the studies called “Responding with Praise”.

While this material is all free for you to use, please remember to give credit where credit is due  and to recommend them to others.  Thank you very much.

May you come to know and love the Savior as you become a “Woman in the Word”.

Sincerely, Marilyn Miller

Mount Hermon, CA 95041