There’s a Letter for You

A study of the New Testament letters written by James, Peter, John and Jude

An Invitation to Study from Women in the Word

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I still love to get a letter. It doesn’t happen very often these days. Thank you notes, Christmas updates, birthday cards – yes, but a real letter is a rare gift. What is so special about a letter? How is it different from an e-mail or even a phone call?

A letter means that someone took time out from a busy day to think of me, to sit down and to put those thoughts down on paper so that I could receive them. A letter is personal and permanent. It can be cherished and read over and over. It can be factual and informative or it can be an inquiry or a challenge. But, best of all, it can be encouraging, heart warming, and an expression of the special relationship that the writer and the receiver enjoy.

Did you know that there are twenty-one letters in the New Testament? Paul wrote thirteen of them and perhaps one more. The other seven were written by men named James, Peter, John and Jude. These letters were very personal expressions of affection, concern, instruction, challenge, encouragement and inspiration written to believers in a variey of places.

Because they are as important today as they were when they were first written, why don’t you consider each one of them to be a letter written FOR YOU. May the truths that you discover bring you into a deeper understanding of the love of Jesus for you and His desire to give you a life of purpose and meaning.

Sincerely, Marilyn Miller

© 2007 by Marilyn Miller