Finding Delight in the Lord

A study from the Old and New Testaments

An Invitation to Study from Women in the Word

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When you hear the word “delight” or “delightful”, what images come to your mind?  Perhaps you see a tea party or a particularly happy event.  Maybe it is visualizing a stroll along the ocean front with a good friend or relaxing for a few minutes in a hot tub.  It could be that you loved an idea that an acquaintance gave to you and told him/her that you were delighted to hear it.  At this challenging time in our world, however, it seems that all of us are learning to find our satisfaction and pleasure in much simpler things at home than we normally did just one month ago.  Instead of a fine meal in a restaurant, we are finding that having enough groceries in our house is satisfying.  In place of going here and there whenever and wherever we wish, a short walk in a safe area can bring us a sense of joy or pleasure.

It is a very opportune time for all of us to examine where our sources of comfort and joy are found.  Do they exist in our creature comforts or in the One who gives us all things to enjoy?  Is your greatest pleasure found in your material and financial security or in a Savior who has promised to supply all of your needs.  When anxiety and disappointment start to creep into the edges of your mind, where do you find solace and contentment?

You are invited to join us as we explore the Bible and discover various ideas that we can incorporate in our lives to help us “find delight (satisfaction, pleasure, joy, contentment) in the Lord”.  After all, His promise to us is to satisfy our heart’s desires if we find Him to be the most admirable and worthy object of our focus and longings.  That is a promise worth investigating, don’t you agree?