Responding with Praise – V

A study of some of the Psalms in Section V

An Invitation to Study from Women in the Word

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Remember the old adage “practice makes perfect”? In my experience it should be “practice means progress”! If you want to become a good pianist, you need to have a piano and then you need to use it. If you would like to play tennis well, you must have tennis racket and some balls, and then you must get out on the tennis court and play – often.

Many Christians wish that they could pray more effectively. They want to learn how to express their praise and adoration, their petitions and passions, and their fears and doubts. And so, they turn to “how to” books. Just as reading about how to play the piano and how to play tennis can be very helpful, it can never magically turn you into a “pro”. We have an amazing tool for learning how to talk with our God in the Book of Psalms. Using these songs or poems often and regularly is the tool by which we can learn how to respond to our God. There are Psalms for every emotion and occasion in life and by using them both as our own expression to God and together with other believers, we will certainly make progress in learning how to pray.

In William Peterson’s book, One Year Book of Psalms, he says that “The Psalms meet us where we are – whether we are frustrated or victorious, joyful or discouraged. The Psalms mirror life as it really is, and then they take us to where we ought to be. And somehow, when we finish, we end up trusting and praising a God who is our protector, our hope, and our friend.”

May this be true in your life as you study the fifth section of The Book of Psalms – 107-150.

Sincerely, Marilyn Miller

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