Listening to Jesus

A study of the Gospel of Matthew

An Invitation to Study from Women in the Word

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Large crowds came to hear Him. Mary sat at His feet to listen. The religious leaders were eager to debate with Him. The disciples walked and talked with Him. Wherever He went, people from all walks and stages of life would gather to learn, to be challenged, and to find hope, encouragement and inspiration for the future. They were never disappointed in what they heard. And they didn’t look for an excuse to leave early or a reason to stay at home!

What do you think were some of the reasons that people wanted to be in His presence and to listen to Him speak? It certainly wasn’t because of His noble birth or His family status. It wasn’t due to His political popularity or His wealth. In fact, they came with such eagerness, that the religious leaders were threatened and angry. The power with which He communicated truths about Himself and His kingdom must have been enormously compelling. The authority with which He answered His opponents was surely convincing. The creativity of His stories and illustations was entertaining and often thought provoking. When you combine all of these characteristics with His concern for every individual’s needs and His amazing ability to meet them, it is no wonder that still today, there is no one who has had more influence on the course of history than Jesus.

Isn’t it wonderful that you and I can still “listen to Jesus”? We cannot hear His audible voice, but we can “listen” to Him speak through the messages, stories and encounters that are recorded for us in the Bible. As you study the Gospel written by Jesus’ disciple, Matthew, we pray that you will hear the voice of Jesus speaking to you and willingly respond to His love and His call to follow Him faithfully.